Executes the Cinematographers lighting plan.
Run the Lighting Crew. With help from the best boy you run the rest of the lighting technicians to run power, set lights and pre-light up and coming scenes and/or sets
Electrical Safety. The gaffer and/or the genny op are responsible for electrical safety on a film set. On smaller sets where there is no Generator Operator the gaffer is solely responsible for electrical safety.
Attending pre-production meetings, scouting locations and general prep for the project. Meet with the DOP and Key Grip to discuss the lighting approach to the film and each scene individually and decide what lighting and equipment is necessary.
Think ahead and keep an eye out for any problems that may arise. This includes having fixtures standing by for close-ups, relight and solving issues before or as they arise.
Act as a second pair of eyes for the DOP. As the scenes and/or sets are being lit, the gaffer must act as a second pair of eyes for the cinematographer. When rolling you must look for stuff like ugly shadows, hot spots, over and under exposure, or inadequate light.
Look for any opportunity to make the scene look more interesting. This is difficult and a little touchy as some DOPs prefer a gaffer who will only execute their plan. As you gain experience and build a relationship with a cinematographer and begin to understand their preferences or have a good idea of what the scene calls for this will become easier.


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